Pirelli Mousse Tubes



  • Toroidal-shaped expanded-foam inserts replace the traditional inner tube on off-road motorcycles
  • Technically the Mousse is a butyl ring with a honeycomb structure, the cells of which are filled with gas so as to simulate the effect of an inner tube
  • The Mousse is surrounded by a thin external membrane designed to make it easy to fit on different sized tires
  • A Pirelli Mousse is a technologically advanced product, characterized by the presence of self-pressurizing agents capable of creating a very large number of gas bubbles inside the mousse, making the product immune to punctures
  • Immune to punctures and abrasions; developed by Pirelli for riders who compete in every kind of competition, whether it be a race in the desert or a Cross championship trial
  • Designed for use with Pirelli tires on off-road surfaces
  • Not recommended for road use
  • When new, they are equivalent to an inner tube inflated to 0.9 bar (equivalent to approximately 13 PSI); this pressure declines gradually along the life of the mousse, which must be replaced when it becomes too soft
  • Sold each, with mounting gel lube
  • 12-pack of 60-gram mounting lube tubes also available separately